学费 & 费用

请从学费中选择你的学术课程 & 费用菜单.

UNH uses an online billing system for all active 学生s. Students view their bills and 学生 accounts through Webcat. 他们也可以选择设置 家长门户 accounts for parents and others to access their accounts. 当新的钞票准备好了, UNH sends email notifications to the 学生's university-assigned email address and to the email addresses of 家长门户 account holders. With the exception of financial aid, payments are applied to the oldest charge first.

  • 杜伦大学本科生:
    • 秋季学费在7月10日发布,8月1日到期.
    • Spring tuition bills post on December 10th, due January 1st.
  • 曼彻斯特大学本科生:
    • 秋季学费在7月10日发布,8月1日到期.
    • Spring tuition bills post on December 10th, due January 1st.
  • 研究生和法律系学生:
    • Fall tuition bills post on August 10th, due September 1st.
    • Spring tuition bills post on January 10th, due February 1st.
  • Due dates for summer and J-Term courses are shown on the bills for those terms.
  • 访问我们的 食物 & 住房 page for current rates on meal plans and campus housing.
  • 参观 UNH餐饮服务  有关膳食计划的更多信息.
  • 参观 联合国住房署 & 住宅生活 有关房价的更多信息.



Mandatory fees are charged to all UNH 学生s who are enrolled in 5 or more credit hours. The technology fee is listed separately on 学生 bills and is charged to all UNH 学生s, 包括注册学分少于5学分的学生.

The services and facilities supported by mandatory fees are available to all 学生s. They are not charged based on the extent of 学生s' usage of the facilities or services supported by the fees. For a listing of current academic fee rates please select your 学生 type from the menu.

Students who withdraw or drop to part-time after classes begin may be eligible for a full or partial refund of fees based on the date of withdrawal or drop to part-time (see Withdrawal from the University or Change to Part-Time Status 了解更多信息).


监督和收集的 学生参议院 通过 学生活动费用委员会(SAFC), provides support for the following organizations and services:

健康 & 健康提供全面的, 学生-focused, 初级医疗服务, 实验室检测, 放射学, 以及药房服务. 在正常学年期间, the clinical staff consist of board-certified physicians, 护士, 护士, and medical assistants who have experience working with adolescents and young adults and are committed to prevention and holistic care. The Office of Living Well Services presents educational workshops, 提供支持小组, and facilitates ongoing educational groups on a variety of physical and emotional health issues. 访问 健康 & 健康 了解更多信息.

SHARPP's direct services include a 24-hour telephone helpline, 在线网络聊天和短信服务, 危机咨询, 陪同前往医院, information and advocacy related to the criminal justice and University judicial systems/Title IX, 以及学术干预. 除了, SHARPP's prevention programs and trainings provide education for 学生s, 教师, 和员工讨论有关同意的话题, 健康的关系, 强奸文化, 旁观者干预, IPV, 和更多的. Prevention programs are facilitated by trained violence prevention educators and 学生 community educators.  Trainings are delivered to 学生s in a wide variety of settings (residential halls, 学术的教室, 联谊会 & Sorority Life, 体育运动, Student 组织, etc.).  另外, 夏普举办了无数的活动, 宣传活动, 以及整个学年的集会. 访问 http://www.主要Research.edu/sharpp/

心理及谘询服务 is a campus resource whose services are designed to enhance 学生s' ability to fully benefit from the University environment and academic experience. Services include counseling and therapy for 学生s who may be experiencing situational or ongoing psychological difficulties, providing programming to meet the developmental needs of the 学生 population, and encouraging a University atmosphere conducive to personal and intellectual growth and psychological well-being. 心理及谘询服务 provides individual counseling, 紧急援助, 咨询, 团体咨询, 学习障碍筛查. 访问 心理及谘询服务 了解更多信息.

The 纪念联盟 Building (MUB) provides opportunities for 学生 involvement and offers space for programs, 会议, 和研究, 以及大型公共活动, 电影, 以及其他娱乐活动. A complete listing of programs, services, and events can be found on the MUB网站.

校园娱乐 provides programs and facilities to support an active lifestyle. 项目包括小组练习, 校内的运动, 水上运动, 户外探险, 教学计划和体育俱乐部.  设施包括哈默尔娱乐中心(HRC), 惠特摩尔中心球馆, Swasey室内游泳池, 户外游泳池, 网球场及其他户外场地. 看看 campusrec.主要研究.edu 了解更多信息.

The Whittemore中心 is a multi-purpose arena located on the UNH Durham campus. The arena is home to the 主要研究野猫 Hockey and is used for programming such as open ice times as well. 这所大学把这个竞技场献给了弗雷德里克. Whittemore和他的家人在5月5日, 1996, in recognition of their long history of service to the state of New Hampshire and the University. Whittemore的父亲, 劳伦斯Whittemore, served as a trustee of the University System of New Hampshire from 1944 to 1960, 1954年到1960年担任董事会主席. A visionary and philanthropist, Frederick Whittemore is a founding director of the UNH Foundation. The Whittemore Family Foundation's generous contribution to this facility exemplifies the family's ongoing commitment to education through support for academic programs and 学生 life. 

  • Admittance to all home games of organized sports at UNH
  • 为运动员和运动队提供财政支持

欲知详情,请浏览 主要研究体育

UNH is investing in Career and Professional Success to prepare 学生s for successful lives after graduation. 服务包括实习, 职业咨询和资源, 评估, 员工关系, 面试准备, 和指导. This initiative is being funded through a modest reallocation of existing mandatory fees. 参观 UNH职业和专业成功网站 欲知更多资料.

  • 校园连接器
  • 非法运输
  • 安全的游乐设施
  • 美铁快铁售票
  • 非紧急骑

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  • 学生计算集群
  • 步入式服务台服务
  • 科技增强的教室基础设施
  • 学术技术联络
  • 技术强化学习

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猫的缓存 is an optional declining balance account used for meals, 自动售货机, 洗衣, 书店, MUB, 以及许多达勒姆市中心的企业. The account carries forward from semester to semester.

New 学生s pay a one time fee of $400 that supports first-year experience, transfer programming and other initiatives that help new 学生s transition to the University. The cost of the 新入学费 is covered by 学生s' tuition deposit.